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The Truth About Lies by George Acquaah

The Truth About Lies

The root of all evil in society

by George Acquaah

Pages: 184

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781602662612

Price : $14.99


In The Truth About Lies: The Root of All Evil in Society, the author reveals that sin entered the world when Adam and Eve believed a lie told by Satan. This led to the Great Disobedience that eventually opened the flood gates of hell to unleash all manner of evil into society. Lies, therefore, are the root of all evil in society. We are born liars and speak the language of lies, the language of our father, Satan. Lies manifest in all facets of society, including the church. There is no lie without truth. Satan is the father of lies; God is truth. To overcome lying, we must be born again of the Spirit and become children of God. Born of God, we acquire a new language -  truth. To be proficient, we need to study and practice this language on a daily basis, and also teach it to people everywhere.

Author Photo

Dr. George Acquaah is a professor of Plant Breeding
and Genetics at Langston University in Oklahoma. He is the author
of seven college textbooks, one of which has been translated into
Chinese. He is the winner of many prestigious local and national
awards recognizing excellence in university teaching and service. His
first published Christian book, 24-7: Living Life to the Max, was very
well received by all who have read it. He is the founder of the website
“,” to provide a forum for especially Ghanaian Christians, for
growth and service at home and abroad.

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