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"For many are called, but few are chosen"


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  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
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ISBN : 9781498424158

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The Front Line Warrior, an “elite position”…
A promotion from God for the very elect!
Two Pastors and Two Ministries; we came together “In God” and “In Love”, THEN after only five months of marriage, my husband, “The Pastor” was arrested and displayed on TV as a criminal. It spread like wildfire and the pain I felt was indescribable. I recall the very first visit to jail to see him, I literally felt ill. I felt alone, confused, embarrassed, naïve and angry. This book was birthed in the midst of that pain—pain so deep that my words could not express it—and no one else’s words could soothe it. This book is a powerful reality that on this Christian journey hard trials are going to come to derail you from God’s purpose. The test question is —can you stand? My life, my marriage, my ministry, my family were hit by a Mack truck and left with severe injuries and internal bleeding... Although I knew the favor of God was on my life, I crawled from under the truck, bruised and in a stream of tears with only one question, “Lord, why is this happening to me?” 
The Front Line Warrior is a POWERFUL must read; it is for leaders, inspiring leaders and those that believe that the hand of God is upon your life. Listen, this book is one that begs the question —will you hear the call to the front in the midst of your pain? This book will help you from what appears to be public defeat to understand internal victory!
—Dr. Bernard R. Franklin
Apostolic Strategist
The River Global Ministries, Inc.

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Dr. Monica Hardy is a teacher, preacher and speaker. The central theme of her message is transforming the minds of God’s people through practicality, education and UNDERSTANDING. Just as our Lord and savior taught with parables, as the Holy Spirit flows, Dr. Hardy passionately teaches God’s word in a way that a child can understand. She is a lifelong learner and student of the word who believes many are not saved or have strayed away from God because they lack understanding. Dr. Monica currently serves as one of the Founders & the Senior Pastor of The River Global Ministries, Inc. Dr. Monica has earned several noteworthy awards and several degrees to include a Doctor of Education Degree and a Doctor of Ministry Degree. Dr. Monica is a native of Jacksonville, FL and a proud mother of her two sons, Timothy Harris Jr. and Jairus Johnson. 

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