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Journey with Grace A Voice for God Commemorative Series by Theresa D. Hammonds

Journey with Grace A Voice for God Commemorative Series

The Final Destination

by Theresa D. Hammonds

Pages: 206

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational
  • POETRY - General
  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498480574

Price : $15.49


Author Photo

A Voice for God, LLC is owned and operated by Ms. Theresa D. Hammonds. 
Ms. Hammonds is the proud mother of two very wonderful children. She has been working in the profession of Property Management for over 27 years and feels that it is truly her ministry. “This is where God uses me the most, right on my job.” The gift of writing has been with her since birth. Since she can remember, she has always had a love for people, life and writing. Her love for God is contagious, as she has worked in the respected ministries of Greeter, Hospitality and Ordained Intercessor. 
In the last 10 years, God started to really call for her gift of writing to be used for the Kingdom of God. She never thought in her wildest dreams that God would use her gift as a tool to speak to the world. Through her poems, books, children’s series etc.., she will allow the Holy Spirit to use her creatively to assist in saving souls. She hopes to bring joy, hope, restoration, forgiveness and peace to all who experience any of her works, through A Voice for God, LLC. 

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