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CHOSEN? by J. Wallace Boyce



by J. Wallace Boyce

Pages: 72

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Spirituality
  • EDUCATION - Reference

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498487207

Price : $10.99

The doctrine of election has caused much disagreement and division amongst the people of God. Of that elect body of people some believe they were chosen and saved, whilst others disagree.    
Consider the two statements of belief.  God hath chosen some to save God will have all saved. There are two options. 
Option 1 - both can be wrong.
Option 2 - one can be right and the other wrong.
One thing is not an option - they both cannot be right.
So which is right?
This book sets forth simply, soundly and surely the answer to that question. 

The author of this book on conversion started immediately over against his own house to share the truths that God used to make him wise unto salvation.  For 40 yrs he has been engaged in personal evangelism, seeking to warn every man and teach every man that he might present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. It is the desire of this author to convert them that do err from the truth, that they may be blessed to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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