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Beneath His Wings by Linda M. Alfieri

Beneath His Wings

by Linda M. Alfieri

Pages: 158

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498489799

Price : $14.49


Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781498489805

Price : $22.99


Trials can come in every form and fashion in a person’s life; it all depends on how that person chooses to use the trial for developing their lives. Beneath His Wings by Linda Alfieri, a new autobiography, describes the neurological problems that she was developing in 2001. She had countless tests and inconsistent doctor’s opinions that made it difficult to pinpoint the cause of her illness. She was eventually diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Two years later she was diagnosed with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. She grappled with feelings of helplessness in losing control of her life.
A journey into her childhood revealed the extent of the abuse she endured by her father and the impact on her life and her health. Linda recognized the intense connection between her mind, emotions and body. Along her journey she finds God. She began to discover His love, peace and grace to aid her in healing and forgiveness.
Beneath His Wings celebrates the power of God’s unconditional love as it manifested in each of the author’s life changing situations, leading to a greater awareness of our Heavenly Father’s presence in trials. Readers will find this autobiography an uplifting depiction of how God can transform any situation for His glory.
“Over the past twelve years I have been Linda’s primary care physician. She describes in detail the health problems that she has been plagued with to include MS and breast cancer to name a few. She eventually finds her strength in Jesus Christ. Readers will be inspired to examine where their strength comes from when trials come in the form of physical, emotional and spiritual health and well being.”
— Lise Lambert M.D.
“What a heart wrenching testimony!  To see a solid, mature woman of God put her faith into action from sickness to sickness, from crisis to crisis, from emergency to emergency… it’s absolutely astounding! The battle has been severe but Linda has been victorious. This book is a must read for any person or family contending with a life threatening disease.  It is filled with hope and endurance and will leave you inspired.”
— John Chinelly, Jr.,  Assistant Pastor Calvary Chapel Ft Lauderdale 

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