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BONE BOXES by Skip Ball


Three mysterious figures rise from the dead and appear in Jerusalem

by Skip Ball

Pages: 406

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • FICTION - Christian - Historical
  • DRAMA - Middle Eastern
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Life Stages - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498493710

Price : $21.49


A mysterious text appears
in the crucifixion account found in Mt. 27:52-53.  Humanity has killed the
Author of Life.  A catastrophic quake rocks the Middle East causing
hillsides to shudder and tombs to break apart.  From some of these tombs,
resurrected bodies, whole and perfect, rise up and move toward the troubled
city.  We follow three resurrected people: a murdered child, a beautiful
prostitute rescued from a stoning and a prisoner ravaged by demons.  Each
forgiven, they died prior to Yeshua’s resurrection.  His death releases
their earthly bonds and now they reenter the human arena during Rome’s campaign
to destroy Yeshua’s followers.  A gold ring from Caesar’s household is
found in one tomb.  The emperor is determined to expose this charade as a
hoax.  These witnesses face unparalleled charges by Rome with supernatural
courage.  Who will survive?  Will they turn their back and reject
Yeshua?  These three resurrected lives intersect and weave a compelling
story of intrigue, danger and romance based on their choice to follow Yeshua
HaMashiach, and live in His power.  They become indisputable witnesses to
the power of the resurrection to a darkening world.  Their choices in Rome’s
Amphitheater symbolize the foundation of the 1st century church.  

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