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A Tale of Two Cultures-Then A Tale of Two Cultures-Now by Dr. Dale V. Slaght

A Tale of Two Cultures-Then A Tale of Two Cultures-Now

Persecution of Early Christians and How They Responded How Christians Should Respond to Persecution Today

by Dr. Dale V. Slaght

Pages: 436

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - History
  • FICTION - Cultural Heritage
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Regional Studies

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498496797

Price : $22.99


Dr. Slaght’s new book is now in print. 
Actually, it is two books bound as one. 
The titles of the books are A Tale of Two Cultures-Then and A
Tale of Two Cultures-Now.  He wrote
the books to encourage today’s Christians to see how a small band of early
Christians not only survived persecution, but transformed the dominant pagan
Roman culture over time.  He also wanted
to raise the level of Christian understanding of the importance of our
religious freedoms.  Is the USA just one
generation away from losing many of our precious religious liberties?  These freedoms may soon be overwhelmed by
political correctness and by the ceaseless efforts by some to drive those of
Biblical faith out of the public square. 
Will the PC police conquer Biblical truth?  Will freedom of religion soon be defined as
merely freedom of worship?
He documents in the first book, A Tale of Two Cultures-Then, the
roots of Christianity in Asia Minor by following the lives of Josiah of Bethany
and some of his descendants through several generations within the
historical-fiction genre. In this regard, this book is a sequel to his 2015
publication, Roll Away the Stone—Lazarus: The Rest of the Story.  He deals with the question of Christian
martyrdom and the manner in which the early church dealt with heresies, among
other matters. He answers the question why and how did Christianity triumph
over paganism.
Flip the book over and you will find the second book, A Tale of Two
Cultures-Now. Here he compares the moral and spiritual culture in which
early Christians lived to that which obtains in the USA today.  Will our moral and spiritual decline lead the
USA to an inevitable decline and fall as did Rome? He answers the questions how
Christians should respond to persecution today and what can we learn from our
history, and what we can do, with God’s hand, to reverse our downward moral and
spiritual trajectory as a nation?  He
calls  American Christians to WAKE UP!

Dr. Slaght is a retired U.S. Foreign Service Officer with thirty-two
years of service for both the Departments of Commerce
and State. His work entailed the support and promotion of U.S. commercial
interests and he mainly worked out of U. S. embassies and
consulates in the following countries: Mexico, Canada, Russia,
Germany, Panama and Uruguay. He spent the 1970-71 academic
year in Ecuador doing Ph.D. research under the auspices of the
Organization of American States. The year before his retirement in
2004, he taught at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, as
part of its “diplomat-in-residence” program.
Dr. Slaght earned the Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern
University in St. Davids, Pennsylvania; the Master of International
Affairs from Columbia University in New York City; and the
Doctor of International Service from the American University in
Washington, D.C.
He is an evangelical Christian, an active member of The Gideons
International, and the former President of the International Church
Ministries organization. He and his wife, Joan, were pleased to
have been one of the founding families of the Munich International
Community Church in Germany in 1986, which remains active today.
He and Joan are proud of their three adult sons, two grandchildren,
and two talented and loving daughters-in-law.
Dr. Slaght and his wife live on a twenty-acre hobby farm near
Statesboro, Georgia, where they grow pecans, blueberries, and occasionally
a few assorted vegetables. They stock their 2.5 acre pond
with fish for their fishing friends and do battle with the other pond’s
A Tale of Two Cultures-Then
inhabitants, namely beavers and otters. He plays golf twice a week
year round and sings regularly in the 100-plus member First Baptist
Church choir. He and Joan live a blessed life.
This is Dr. Slaght’s second book. The first, entitled Roll Away
the Stone—Lazarus:The Rest of the Story, was published by Xulon
Press in 2015.

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