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PURPOSE SAVED MY LIFE by LayFayette Nicci Jackson-Steward


by LayFayette Nicci Jackson-Steward

Pages: 34

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Divorce & Separation

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781498499576

Price : $9.99


All she wanted was to be loved by those she loved; yet, what she received for the love she gave to others was sadness, pain and adult experiences too mature for a young child to have. 
Author Nicci LJ Steward was only five when a family friend took advantage of her, which led to an unfortunate pattern of abuse and rape by family friends and relatives. 
The discomfort and confusion she had from the molestations and rapes triggered a perchance for anger and struggle with violent tendencies. As Nicci became an adult, she experienced more heartache from broken marriages and adultery from her husbands; these events only intensified her anger and her drug and alcohol use. 
However, Nicci’s new autobiography is not only recounting the horrible treatment she had from loved ones, but also celebrating what God was able to do to rectify the mistreatment and turn her life around as an example of His glory. 
Nicci describes the events of her life in poetic detail, presenting readers with honest emotions and words of warning to protect little ones from the atrocities she sustained in her childhood. 
Once she recalls the divine intervention into her life, and her heart, from God, she excitedly conveys the truth that God can heal all pain: whether from abuse to marital neglect to one’s own insecurities. 
Now a single mother of three, Nicci desires for her story to be an example to others that the world is teaching our children about love, life and purpose for themselves, when they should be learning these attributes from Jesus. 
It began as a story of heartache, but through God’s love and grace, became a story of repentance, forgiveness and guidance to others that how we become true followers of Jesus is to let God into our lives.

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