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Pages: 180

Dimensions: 5 x 7

  • FICTION - Romance - Clean & Wholesome
  • FICTION - Romance - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545604236

Price : $14.99


There are events in our lives that change the world, as we know it. They give way to how we must face the future and not only that, they dictate what the future holds for us. The death of a loved one is an event that we would like to erase and pretend never happened, but that is virtually impossible. It is then that life becomes a new journey—an uncharted course filled with decisions which hopefully lead to a new and fulfilled life. 
Helen Sheppard faced the unexpected death of her husband and his death changed the course of Helen’s life.  Now, she is a sojourner in a world not of her choosing—a world without the one she shared life with for over forty years. Death not only separated her from her first love, but destroyed her hopes and dreams of tomorrow and amended her plans for the future. 
Helen faces many challenges on her journey down the road of widowhood, but the one thing she has come to accept is that Jake Hubbard, whom she met while visiting her sister in South Carolina, walked across her heart and his footprints would remain there forever. This is the turning point in Helen’s life and even though she doesn’t realize it at first, she begins to escape her caged world of loneliness, resentment and confusion and enter a world of hope, direction and fulfillment. 
Forced to travel life’s journey accompanied only by her memories of the past, Helen earnestly seeks a way to overcome the vast emptiness that has filled her life. Helen is a courageous woman who is not willing to get stuck in grief, but strives to move on with her life even when faced with the disapproval of her adult children.  

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