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Sheltered Emily by Biola Shofu

Sheltered Emily

An inside look at how Emily got her freedom; a painful journey and the God who laughed.

by Biola Shofu

Pages: 268

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Abuse - Child Abuse
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Abuse - Domestic Partner Abuse
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545612187

Price : $16.49


Emily lives in an idyllic foster
home in the English countryside. Her only problem is Nanny’s adult son, Ronnie,
and his sexual molestation of her. His treatment conditions her for similar
scenarios later in life. However, at an early age, she gets to know the Lord
intimately. Abuse shadows Emily’s life as she travels with her mother and
siblings to Nigeria. She meets her lawyer father for the first time, survives a
rough boarding school experience, and in university, she befriends Bayo. He
turns out to be a cruel piece of work. In spite of this, she makes a quick exit
returning to London- with him. Bad boyfriends and several years later, Emily
battles a barrage of trials and setbacks in the US, including a failed
marriage, with three children in tow. Homelessness follows, and Emily’s
insurmountable troubles reach a tipping point when she flees a murderous
relationship. Still, her treasure lies in a passionate, adventurous faith that
only flourishes the more grief she suffers. She knows that God’s got her back.
Although clueless of the underlying reasons for the chaos, she’s fast getting
to the bottom of it.
Readers get an inside view of the
actions Emily takes to battle the events in her life:
Witness Emily’s experience as she submits to her
family living in a shelter
Observe Emily’s focus when in trouble
Understand why she trusts God through unending
Engage in a modern-day inspirational true story
Learn the poignant realizations that lead Emily
regaining her freedom
Author, Biola Shofu’s powerful testimony
is proof that faith boldly functions. She demonstrates God’s ability to use our
dire experiences to glorify his kingdom, and she shows how we too have a stake
in our healing and ultimate freedom by courageously facing our past.

Author Photo

Biola Shofu was born in London and
moved to Nigeria as a pre-teen. She engages and motivates audiences and has
facilitated groups for twelve years. She offers insight to women who want to
regain their freedom, and anyone seeking hope. Biola is the proud mother of
three adult sons, each successful in their own right. She currently resides in
California. Her favorite activities include having profound conversations with
friends and strangers keeping fit, and creating portraits. Biola knows no

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