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Misogyny by Dr. Prince Maurice Parker


Its Origin, Impact, and Fruit, and the Work of Christ to Eliminate It

by Dr. Prince Maurice Parker

Pages: 112

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Sexuality & Gender Studies
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Sociology of Religion
  • SOCIAL SCIENCE - Women's Studies

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545619780

Price : $12.49


Misogyny: Its Origin, Impact, and Fruit, and the Work of Christ to Eliminate It, is a summary of the issue of misogyny in our world, covering the expressions and history of misogyny as seen across the world, while also providing a deep biblical study of this issue. 
The author has done a great job of organizing his work, beginning at the foundation level of explaining what misogyny is and how it appears in different forms, such as chauvinism and caligynephobia. The book makes references to cultures from around the globe often referring back to historical events and present-day examples. 
From there, he provides a sweeping survey of misogyny as it has manifested itself over time and across cultures and world religions, from Greek philosophers to teachings in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and, what the author considers to be some misunderstood Christian teachings. At this point, the focus shifts to the Bible and its teachings on gender and women, surveying examples from throughout the Old and New Testament and taking heavy account of the creation narrative to establish a solid biblical understanding of manhood and womanhood. Here, the focus shifts to Jesus’s teachings and the treatment of women in the New Testament Church, with special attention given to certain sections of the Pauline epistles. 
The author concludes with a refreshing and hopeful proclamation: that the work of Jesus Christ through his life, death, and resurrection brings the power for God’s people to break free from the chains of misogyny, offering a new way forward for readers to find harmony once again in the relationships between men and women.  

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