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Close Encounters by David Ryan

Close Encounters

Further Insights into Life in Modern Society

by David Ryan

Pages: 214

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • TRAVEL - Essays & Travelogues
  • EDUCATION - Essays

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545622636

Price : $15.49


The author’s smooth, inviting tone is at once in-depth and profound while maintaining an air of conversational storytelling that makes it seem as if one is having coffee with the author and listening to his tales in person. The global nature of David Ryan’s stories, whether in tales of his travels or in stories of meeting people from far-off places, gives an exotic and adventurous feeling to the book. At the same time, descriptions of the UK have a familiar and comforting sense of home. In each story, the author deftly integrates personal experiences and emotions with wider observations of how the world around us is changing, capturing the aura of a place or moment in time while reflecting on its transience. This truly makes for an enjoyable read. 
‘Close Encounters takes you on a journey to different places and times, but always returns to the heart of Belfast. David Ryan describes Belfast in a way that creates both nostalgia for the past and comment for the future.’ 
Tony Macauley. Bestselling author of Paperboy, Bread Boy, All Growed Up Now and Little House on the Peace Line.
‘Honest, insightful and witty are three words that I would use to describe this book. Close Encounters is a brave and bold set of personal reflections on life that are shaped by the experiences of David Ryan himself and it is peppered throughout with a healthy dose of humour. His telling of these stories is thought-provoking and unapologetic in addressing some of the challenging cultural issues of our time.’
Dr Adam Boddison, Chief Executive Officer, nasen.
‘Written from a Christian perspective and with customary candour and self-depreciating humour, Close Encounters offers us a further cornucopia of keenly observed experiences, conversations and reflections. As with Brief Encounters these stories help us discover more about a wealth of characters in our richly diverse world, but ultimately in the process help us learn more about ourselves, our attitudes and our beliefs.’
Dr Noel Purdy, Stranmillis University College, Belfast

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