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How To Learn To Play Golf by Written by Jimmy Day, Former PGA Tour and PGA of America Golf Professional Illustrations by Bil

How To Learn To Play Golf

A Lesson Plan Developed From BEDROCK Physical and Mechanical Certainties

by Written by Jimmy Day, Former PGA Tour and PGA of America Golf Professional Illustrations by Bil

Pages: 272

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Golf is a Unique “Ballgame”
Learning to play Golf is quite an interesting, enjoyable and fun-filled experience. However, there are a number of unusual, unexpected revelations which a new or aspiring golfer should first understand. The American public understands “Ballgames”. We have grown up “playing ball”. Surprisingly though, golf does not conform to the same athleticism that typically applies to our sports backgrounds. Consequently, an aspiring golfer should first understand the challenges that learning Golf poses. 
The Game of Golf certainly has a storied history, but the real popularity took hold in the U.S. in the early 1960’s when the “Big Three” - Palmer, Nicklaus and Player brought Golf to life on television. Since this introduction, traditional “Golf Instruction” has provided the customary preparatory “fundamentals”, including grip, aim, posture, keep your eyes on the ball, the left arm straight and don’t look-up!!!??? Sound familiar? While technology and the Golf Industry, including viewership have made advancements, Golf Participation has lagged. Something has been missing??? Yes, the economy has had its ups and downs and had an influence on participation statistics, while many will opine that “Golf is just a very difficult Game”. As a result, many prospective golfers have walked away from the Game, claiming various unfounded reasons. 
Have you heard it said that “Playing Golf is 90% mental and only 10% physical?
Many high-powered Golf Industry executives, professional Trainers, Nutritionists, Sports Psychologists, along with other Golf Professionals have failed to grow the game. Something is missing and the real answers can be found in “How To Learn to Play Golf”. Technology will not teach you Golf. The educational program in this Book will explain the pitfalls and provide the proper methods to develop a consistent motor-skill of properly Swinging a Golf Club. Without the understanding that your most important fundamental is the resolute intent To Swing the Club, you will likely become just another statistic. You deserve to share in this great Game of Golf with those of us who have been playing since we were kids, and yes, the reasons why are included. 
A contributing problem is that we “human beings” are not born with a DNA Profile to be a Golfer. With all of the technological advancements and professional input an important part of the puzzle is being overlooked. In my opinion Golf Instruction has been replaced by technical forms of Golf Analysis and Golf Vacation Promotional Opportunities, e.g. valuable time and effort has been spent by interested aspiring golfers who have been short-changed without a clear understanding of how to improve their Games. 
The first Most Important Fundamental is to adopt the belief that The Swing is the Thing. The ball just gets in the way of the club. From this point forward, the Lesson Program as presented in “How To Learn To Play Golf” will make perfect sense. Let’s enjoy the process together.
Jimmy Day 

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