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Tempted by Joanna J. Bethany


by Joanna J. Bethany

Pages: 216

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • JUVENILE FICTION - Social Themes - Dating & Relationships
  • JUVENILE FICTION - Religious - Christian - General
  • FICTION - Christian - Romance

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545658055

Price : $15.49

Tempted is the story of an all-too familiar scenario: sexual temptation. Sweet little Katie, role model Christian of her youth group, has a beautiful trait about her in that she sees people for who they are inside of them. This gift knocks her off her feet when she looks into the eyes of a common, often overlooked guy in her school and sees the surprising young man hiding inside. Not only does he snag at her heart strings, but he also stirs up physical feelings stronger than she could have imagined. Katie has boldly preached sexual abstinence to everyone who knows her, determined to be one of the few to walk the narrow road and remain pure until her wedding night. As bad as she wants to keep this vow, her physical feelings for Tyler torment her day and night. What doesn’t help the situation is that Katie’s best friend Sydney is promiscuous and encourages her innocent friend to “just live a little.” Will Katie’s faith prove strong enough to resist temptation, even if it costs her relationships? Will Tyler, basking in the unexpected attention, respect Katie’s beliefs or push her as far as he can? How long can Sydney straddle the fence of living two lives; the girl pretending to be a Christian and her defiant wild side?

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