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Shaping our Life Files God's Way by R.H. Sutter

Shaping our Life Files God's Way

by R.H. Sutter

Pages: 158

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545659595

Price : $14.49

The decisions that we make daily have a crucial impact on our life here and on our eternal destination. We can think of the source of our choices as contained in Life Files deep in our inner man. These files contain who we really are, our thoughts on what life is all about, decisions on how we live our life today, and what we will become. These Files are the foundation of our beliefs and can, therefore, show what kind of life we will live.
The Bible says to take every thought captive. That is, to be sure that the thoughts that go into our inner man [Life Files] are God’s truth. This can only happen if we choose to have God’s Holy Spirit in charge of our inner man and these crucial Files.
This book looks at some of our Life Files such as Freedom by Forgiveness, Asking for Forgiveness, Assumptions-Creating Problems, A Servant Spirit-No Greater Calling, Tests-The Seedbed of Growth, Divine Roles, Surrender-Splendor or Despair, True Lasting Happiness, and Spirit Fruit.
“Everyone who reads this book will benefit from the encouragement to reassess your approach to relationships and life. It offers relatable examples and insights that will help you unpack some foundational issues in the Christian life and grow in your relationship with God and others.” Jonathon & Jill Sutter
“This book helped me to better understand the many elements of my own Christian life. Each chapter spoke to me in a personal way.”  Doug Gerber
“This editor is impressed with the level of detail included in this manuscript.  The author’s easy-to-read style combined with abundant supporting detail makes this book useful for a broad range of folks all who likely deal with one or more topics covered within the chapters.”   Xulon editor

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