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The Story of Our Life, based on a True Life. by Bubba “His X. Mark” Twain

The Story of Our Life, based on a True Life.

by Bubba “His X. Mark” Twain

Pages: 38

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

  • SCIENCE - Physics - General
  • RELIGION - Faith

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545662038

Price : $24.99

Type : Hardcover

ISBN : 9781545665367

Price : $22.99

Throughout the history of all humanity, including the native people in the western hemisphere, God made his existence known through the use of symbols (menorah’s 9 candles, Star of David, spiral petroglyphs in Choco Canyon, Infinity sign) and numbers (3(Pi), 6 and 9).  For example, using the “reduced” form of gematria, the word emet (Truth) has the value of 9.  Chapter 3 - Norma, I now know; is what I believe is the true meaning of E=Mc², or mathematical proof that God exist, Christ lived and will return again, Pi=3 not 3.14, Big Bang Law, String Law, operating system logic for quantum computers, God created the Universe in 6 days (24 years) and rested on the 7th day (- 4 years).  My findings could lead to the cure for cancer and many other fatal illnesses, if Chapter - 3 is confirmed as God’s Truth to all humanity by the world’s wise men and women.  I pray my assumptions are correct, and that someone recommends my book to their friends through email, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and/or Facebook to find someone that will help me publish my findings in a Physics Journal and subsequently leading to a means to save the lives of your love ones and fellow human beings.
Please view my video of Chapter 1- The Message in a Bottle: Norma, I Now Know, on my Bubba Twain YouTube site,  

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I retired from the Department of State in October 2016 after 15 years as a Construction Project Manager, 15 years - US Army Corps of Engineers as a Real Estate Technician and Civil Engineer Technician, 3 years - US Army Moral Support and Welfare Theatre Department for Fort Hood and Fort Polk as Artistic Director, and 9 years - National Park Service as a General Engineer. Graduated from the University of Alabama in 1991.

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