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About Magog - The Whole Story by Wm. James Clark

About Magog - The Whole Story

A Precise Chronology of End-Time Events

by Wm. James Clark

Pages: 492

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - Eschatology

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545665374

Price : $24.99

Throughout the centuries Christian doctrine has been co-mingled with pagan heresies, thus corrupting divine truth. Much of that which came through the Reformation unchallenged, tainted by the influences of the heretical Alexandrian school and many other sources, is still embraced by many twenty-first century protestant denominations. 
This book sorts through much of the clutter regarding eschatological issues, that is, things yet to come, that is everywhere out there, in Protestantism, Catholicism and the cults. 
This work, though viewed from the pre-tribulation perspective, is a rather radical departure from the accepted positions of the current pre-tribulation rapture eschatological camp. It challenges some of the long held hypotheses regarding a global rule of anti-Christ and the global “Battle of Armageddon” hypothesis. It makes the case for a “battle AT Armageddon”, which we shall see to be the annihilation of the MAGOG confederation of nations in the north west corner of Palestine, that is the “Seventh Bowl Judgment” of Revelation 16:17-21, at the second coming of Jesus Christ. 
We deal with words, that is, the proper contextual application of words. When the proper contextual meaning of words such as “world”, “whole world”, “whole earth”, etc. are properly understood contextually, we often find we are dealing with regional or territorial events, not global events. This allows for major events that occur during the last three and one half years of the tribulation era, such as the MAGOG event of chapters 36-39 of Ezekiel, to assume their proper places in the proper order of end-time events. 
We also deal quite extensively with the rest of the prophetic story to make it all fit together. 
May this work prove to be a blessing to all who read it. 
God bless . . . 
Wm. James Clark

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