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Can I be the One? by Evg. Myrtha A. Herold

Can I be the One?

God's Intent for the Given Gift

by Evg. Myrtha A. Herold

Pages: 480

Dimensions: 7.5 x 9.25

  • BIBLES - God's Word - General
  • EDUCATION - Arts in Education

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545667712

Price : $39.99

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Myrtha Herold was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She was raised by her father Justin Mondélus  who recognized early on, an innate gift in her daughter to “carry out a tune”. As early as seven years of age she was already taking center stage at her  local Protestant Church of St. Marc, Haiti. In 1974 Myrtha’s mother, Léonide, who had migrated to Nassau, Grand Bahamas, took Myrtha  to live with her, where she attended High School. In 1976, her peers began to discover her exceptional singing ability. Shortly after, Myrtha joined the “Salt of the Earth” Gospel Band where she blossomed into a vibrant and anointed  songstress. Her unique style was clearly made evident wherever she performs. 
 In 1982, Myrtha moved to New York City, where she gave birth to her son and two beautiful daughters. Despite the demands and challenges of motherhood. Myrtha was able to earn multiple college degrees in various fields of study including Accounting, Theology, and Psychology.  
 “Can I be the one?” is the question that has been hunting her through her failings and risings, her battles and her triumphs; a question, however, that has taken a life form on its own, and evolved into this “living and breathing” manuscript, justly entitled “Can I be the one?”
In this book, Myrtha offers the reader a passionate read as she intimately recounts her many struggles, adversities, and overwhelming victories. “Can I be the one?” a beautiful narration of passion and love, hopes to find itself in the hands of every Christian and minister of the Gospel all across the globe. Let this preview, however serves as a warning to the reader that some poignant details of this account will bring some tears to the eyes, and yet generate hope and renewed faith in the heart. 

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