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If I Should Die Before I Wake by Hannah Berakhah

If I Should Die Before I Wake

by Hannah Berakhah

Pages: 380

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Social Themes - Pregnancy
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Family - Siblings
  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Family - Multigenerational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545667941

Price : $20.99

How does a 20 year old young man deal with the constant thought he was at fault in the death of his little brother? And, how does that same young man ever prove to his Dad he is worthy of a Father’s love?
When Don falls head over heels in love with 16 year old Jane at a local ballroom dance, he covers those deep felt insecurities and pain with his extroverted overtures to Jane and others. The young lovers experience temptations they are not strong enough to avoid leading them to an untimely marriage and parenthood.
Through tests, trials and struggles they face together and also the agony of separation with war, God steps into their lives and draws them to Himself, guiding them to a sweet and final victory. 

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