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Inspirations From the Mind of God to the Heart of a Believer by Marlene D. Barnes-Hunter

Inspirations From the Mind of God to the Heart of a Believer

Devotional Readings with Tips for Understanding and Coping with Life's Challenges.

by Marlene D. Barnes-Hunter

Pages: 232

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545671344

Price : $15.49

Life is a journey, filled with mountain-top, plateau, valley and desert experiences. During those seasons, we feel that we are being processed for various reasons, depending on the decisions we make with our relationships, associations and the relationship we have with our Savior and Lord.
It is during some of those periods that our God-ordained destiny becomes challenged to the point of fading and seemingly into oblivion.
This book is for you, because the inspired words presented in poetic expressions will help you to:
Remember that you are not alone and that God is supernaturally carrying you and will help you to accomplish the plans He has for you.
Understand that you were created for greatness.
Realize that goal-focused determination during testings will make you stronger.
Know that you shall live and not die because of oppositions.
Experience intimacy with the eternal Lover of your life.
Receive a daily refreshing and new supply of joy from God’s presence that will overflow from you to others.
Help others who have traveled or currently traveling similar paths, to become victorious.

Author Photo

Marlene D. Barnes-Hunter is a Minister of the “GOOD NEWS”, an Educator in Biblical Studies and Management of Business Organization. She is a Business Executive and Expert in Assisted Living Communities Consulting, Regulatory Compliance, Education, and Risk Management in the State of Florida. Marlene has counselled and helped many people with emotional and spiritual problems, experience God’s love, the pathway to eternal hope. Her motto is, “With God, nothing is impossible”.

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