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Shifting Air by Jessica Koralewski

Shifting Air

A Royals Quest

by Jessica Koralewski

Pages: 296

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • YOUNG ADULT FICTION - Action & Adventure - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545671382

Price : $16.99

A prince, Laithrum, endured only in the palace his whole life. The king, his father, and his real mother, who no one knew, have both abandoned him. But was all this done for a reason? Someone’s plot maybe? Change raged in for both him and his only supporter, Freyja. Darkness threatens the capital. Prince Laithrum is provoked to leave the palace before it, but Freyja falls into the darkness and faces her own cruel journey as a result.
Laithrum and Freyja enter hopeless adventures that ends up revealing who, what they are. Freyja’s life turns upside down in struggle as she faces many unknowns. What could be happening to her? And Laithrums life has finally began, but to what end? He finds purpose and his roll flips from care receiver to caregiver. He has more unexplainable power that creates unwanted responsibly. This quest challenges him in ways he could have never imagined. Being unsure of who to trust he hopes for the support and faithfulness of his new friends. Acquiring help from an elf, a few humans, a mysterious irritable guy, and a beast woman, he faces the threat and searches out the source of evil.

Author Photo

I grew up in northern Wisconsin with my parents and three older siblings. Mostly I played outside or drew pictures. I imagined different worlds and tried to become part of them. When thirteen I started writing about different worlds, plots, and characters. Then, seven years of colleges and six years in the army national guard and getting married went by and opportunity rose. My husband supported my hobbies. I could start working part-time, and finish childhood projects. After sixteen years of pursuing these creative works, I was blessed with someone giving me the chance to accomplish them.

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