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Selective Investment by Natarsha Wright

Selective Investment

by Natarsha Wright

Pages: 110

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • SELF-HELP - Motivational & Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545672204

Price : $11.49

Turn an Obstacle into Greatness
Know Your Worth 
We are all unique human-beings, fearfully and wonderfully made. Although we go through different storms in our lives; that may have caused us hurt, pain, disruption, and catastrophes, we must hold on to hope and believe that something extraordinary is coming out of every bad and unexpected event in our lives.
It was difficult living through uncertainties, poverty, and painful endurances in my own life. Every time; I looked around, another stumbling block, hardship, set-back, and/or interruption came around. However; I never let the sun go down on me; but continue to fight to “WIN” and keep my relationship with God going. This is the reason, why I am a Selective Investment.
•Are you willing to find and protect your inner peace,
        while riding through the storms of life? 
•Are you willing to believe your life is your party, but it’s up to you to own it?
•Are you willing to define the masterpiece of resilience within you?
•Are you willing to remain confident and optimistic in difficult situations?
•Do you know that you are a “selective investment”?

Author Photo

Natarsha Wright is co-pilot behind the image of her husband, Pastor Donnell Wright of The Seed Church in Baltimore, Maryland. He is the author of “God’s Will and Purpose Living With A Scandalous Women”. Natarsha is the founder of The Women of The Seed Ministry, as well as an evangelist, visionary, worship arts leader, and youth and young adult mentor. Her passion is to serve and love people. Her son Jalil is gifted and talented in the arts, while her stepson Darien is talented in electronic and arrived with five beautiful daughter’s. Most of her family and parents live in Maryland. 

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