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Fall in Love with Math, Science, and the Arts by Dr. Marilyn Lanier.

Fall in Love with Math, Science, and the Arts

A STEM-Plus-the-ARTs Initiative: Engaging Universities, Families, and Communities

by Dr. Marilyn Lanier.

Pages: 78

Dimensions: 7 x 10

  • EDUCATION - Arts in Education
  • SCIENCE - Applied Sciences
  • MATHEMATICS - Study & Teaching

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545672877

Price : $15.49

A STEM-Plus-the-ARTs Initiative: Engaging Universities, Families, and Communities by Dr. Marilyn Lanier is a book and an instructional manual that describes the exhibition the author organized to bring science education exploring STEM and the Arts to the community-at-large in a meaningful way. An educator for over thirty years, Dr. Lanier speaks with extensive classroom experience, making learning science concepts easy and fun for everyone. Filled with concrete information and tools, readers will be equipped to put on their own “Fall in Love with Math, Science, and the Arts EXPO” event in their communities after finishing the book.
-Xulon’s Editor’s Review.
The foreword written by the author’s son is very touching. It helps the reader get to know the author right off the bat and shows what influential role education has played in the author’s family.
The author writes very knowledgeably about the subject material. It is clear that she is very experienced in the field and has a passion for helping increase science literacy in students.
The inclusion of reflections from teacher-candidate exhibitors and comments from the public are valuable, providing more insight into how the exhibit was received by people who experienced it as exhibitors and participants.
The documentations included for readers to use to create their own exhibits are clear and easy to understand. The attachments are comprehensive and provide all the necessary information needed to implement the activity.
    This book is for anyone who wants to spark a child’s lasting interest in science at home and at school.  The highly engaging STEM plus the Arts activities in this book serve as a hook to increase a child’s interest in science with the hopes that they will develop a love for math, science and the arts.  For parents and teachers alike, the information presented in this book provides a format to help children generate a career interest in the work of a scientist, as well as a long-term awareness of the role science plays in our everyday lives. Since the conception of the first EXPO in 2016, three exhibitors have started their own EXPOs.  Each new EXPO initiated from the original EXPO has its own name and style, but retains the original aim of providing opportunities for children to experience hands-on STEM plus the ARTs activities. One thing is clear, the EXPO concept is budding and spreading fast. So join with us and let’s go full STEAM ahead!

Author Photo

Dr. Marilyn Lanier is a science educator with 30 plus years of teaching experience.  She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Elementary Education, College of Education at Fayetteville State University.

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