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Free-Toe the Frog by David Shaffernocker

Free-Toe the Frog

by David Shaffernocker

Pages: 46

Dimensions: 8 x 10

  • JUVENILE FICTION - Animals - Frogs & Toads

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545673454

Price : $12.49

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Take a journey with Free-toe the frog though his elementary school ‘Ribbet Lane ‘in Cincinnati, Ohio USA.
Where he tries so hard to fit in and play with the kids. The kids are mean to him and rude because of the way he looks all green with red eyes. He feels like he is so nice and friendly asking where they live and trying to meet them but they bully him and call him red-eye jones. They even throw some stones at him.  Why are they so mean to me I had nothing to do with the way I was born?  He thinks he is a kid but he doesn’t feel like a frog but he knows he looks a lot different. He just gets frustrated by the comments they make about his small arms and legs and the kid’s arms and legs are so big.  His mom had been embarrassed that he looked so green and told him his whole life he was a normal kid. Take a trip down the road of healing his obvious journey of things aren’t what they seem.  How his mom lied to him and now he is understanding that something is wrong about this world. He tries to understand what he needs to change his mind over to the new reality that he is small and green. He remembers a song that went, “I was small and green my I thought I would cry. “But instead I jumped out of the door right on to the floor and hopped away I was running away.” (Written by Denton) 
As Free-toe heals he has to deal with the rejection and turns the abuse into love knowing that kids are mean but God is love.  You get to see how he turns his mad feelings into love and keeping his mind on the goal of being a scientist.
This book is a start to a continuing story about a frog and is intertwined with my life as a child. I was born a bit slow and dyslexic by my mom didn’t know what was wrong with me. Slow reader and slow functioning. Thus Free-toe is competing with the other kids on the playground and was told by his mother he was normal. He was not and he thought he was a human child not a frog. He did not have the arms and legs that the other children had so he could not compete with them in soccer.  The other kids were rude to him and treated him very mean. They made fun of Free-toe all the time where he did not want to go to school anymore.  He wanted to be a scientist and needed school to be trained to learn how to be one.  I would suggest having your kids read and re-read this book parents because I was not thought this at a young age and wish I was. We as parents need to instill this thought process into our children at an early age to show them that they will encounter very many different kids and we need to treat them with respect. At all cost we need to give our kids a loving atmosphere at home with meals together and love others concept so when they go out to the world they can carry this with them.

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