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Tales from Darcy's Garden by Jan Dayton

Tales from Darcy's Garden

The Guardians of the Stickety Wicket Woods

by Jan Dayton

Pages: 114

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FICTION - Christian - Fantasy
  • FICTION - Fantasy - Humorous
  • FICTION - Fantasy - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545674642

Price : $12.49

This fictional fantasy story journeys into the Stickety Wicket Woods, where two fairies are making their way to Darcy’s Garden. They soon learn they are honored guests at a surprise Royal Tea Party with the prince and their beloved friend Darcy. However, when villainous gang members of a dangerous swamp dragon hear about the party, they devise a plan to capture the prince. 
The hideous dragon and his evil gang have been preparing to destroy the prince, as well as the enchanted forest and all the woodland creatures living there. The guardians of the forest have lost their powers and without the prince, it will take everyone, including unknown magical creatures, to join forces to try and save this enchanting forest and beyond. 
It’s long past midnight and Darcy’s beloved pup, Annabelle, is lost and alone in the deepest and darkest part of the woods where a war is brewing. A putrid grey cloud slithers toward the frightened pup and she can’t move. Annabelle fears she won’t be rescued before it’s too late.

Author Photo

Jan lives in Florida with her husband and their beloved, blind dog, Annie. Being an animal lover, she understands the wonderful impact our pets have on our spirits, and how much they enrich our lives with their companionship. Jan’s deep appreciation for all of God’s creation is evident in her writings, which include inspirational short stories, letters and poetry. Currently, she is pursuing her passion for writing fictional fantasies combined with elements of truth and inspirational messages, for children of all ages. Her creative imagination and whimsical sense of humor,  welcomes the reader to real-life worlds where critters, as well as fictitious and charismatic magical creatures, animate with human-like personalities and temperaments.

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