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Inspirational Art's Coloring Book by Richard Espinoza

Inspirational Art's Coloring Book

by Richard Espinoza

Pages: 38

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11

  • CRAFTS & HOBBIES - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545675052

Price : $10.99

This book is currently going through revisions at this time. Please bookmark this link and check back soon!

My name is Richard Espinoza. I was born in San Antonio, Tx in 1964. I grew up as a artis as a child, i’ve always had that gift. Growing up I always drew provocative and satanic pictures, until one day I was invited to church and I walked in and became physically blind. I heard the voice of Lord say “Serve me or die”. When i chose to serve him my eyes were open and the first thing I saw was the altr and I was repenting to the lord. That same night the Lord delivered me from 10 different addictions. As I contintued to stay in church faithfully the Lord beagin to show me visions of art, so I began to draw these pictures. Everytime I praise and worship Him or go out places he shows me another picture to draw. Once im finshed with the picture, he than gives me the Scriputre that goes with it. But, it wasn’t until the beginning of 2019 that the Lord told me to put his drawings together in a coloring book to present His art to the world. He than spoke to me and told me to seek to get the book published.

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