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M.O.O.S.E.M.U.S.S For Millennials by Lt. Col. Larkin Spivey USMC (ret)

M.O.O.S.E.M.U.S.S For Millennials

Principles of War for Peace-Loving

by Lt. Col. Larkin Spivey USMC (ret)

Pages: 100

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545675427

Price : $11.49

M.O.O.S.E.M.U.S.S-an acronym for the Principles of War.
 (Mass, Objective, Offensive, Security, Economy of Force, Maneuver, Unity of Command, Surprise, and Simplicity) 
MILLENNIAL —a young adult, hopefully in search of a purpose driven life.
Can young adults find guidance for becoming productive professionals and caring family members by understanding how warriors approach war? Larkin Spivey believes strongly that they can, although he cautions that Millennials may have to rethink some of their attitudes before they can glean useful advice from the military wisdom offered in this book. 
If you are a young adult in search of answers about living, find out what you can learn from:
An Army general’s surprise attack.
A Marine division’s battle for survival.
A famous Marine’s revolutionary style of leadership. 
How nuclear weapons are used on the battlefield.
A disaster preparedness officer’s approach to risk taking.
How Rangers do operation orders.
A woman’s perspective on the battle of the sexes.

Author Photo

Larkin Spivey is a retired Marine Corps officer, Vietnam veteran, business owner, father of four and grandfather of ten. He became a Christian at age fifty-three after a prior life of religious skepticism. He has written extensively about God’s providential hand in American military history and the power of faith in combat. He lives in South Carolina with his extended family.
Lani Hillwig Spivey (1945-2017) was the wife of Larkin for forty-seven years and the mother of the same children and grandmother of the same grandchildren. Her joie de vivre and wisdom were vital to her family and friends and are integral to this book.

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