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A Journey to Resiliency through Finding Balance in Spirit, Mind, and Body

by Gina Morgan-Smith, MD

Pages: 156

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • HEALTH & FITNESS - Diet & Nutrition - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545676202

Price : $14.49

Everyday adolescents are finding it increasingly difficult to navigate through the daily challenges of life. They often know that they are wonderfully created and purposed by God but find it hard to balance their faith and lifestyle as they encounter the adversities of life. Gifted, Purposed and Created for Success takes the reader on a 10-week journey with Emily a fictitious character who is confronted with most of the problems that plague today’s adolescents. Emily is determined to take back control of her life and find peace and purpose. 
Gifted, Purposed and Created for Success will empower adolescents to: 
1.     Identify areas in their life that are out of balance
2.     Develop the skills to make lifestyle changes
3.     Improve overall health through focusing on the total being-mind, body and spirit
4.     Learn the science behind why we need to sleep, exercise, drink, think and work healthy, reduce stress and worship.
5.     Identify tools to overcome adversities and become resilient 
This groundbreaking book will set the stage for adolescents not only to adopt a healthier lifestyle but find the hope, peace and purpose that is part of God’s intentional will.

Gina Morgan-Smith, MD is a board-certified Christian pediatrician. Dr.
Morgan-Smith has practiced pediatrics in a variety of settings including
serving as medical director for school-based health programs and integrated
behavioral health programs as well as providing services for youth at risk,
community health and private practice. In each of these venues Dr. Morgan-Smith
has spent countless hours listening and counseling youth on healthy lifestyles.
Dr. Morgan-Smith has received additional training in trauma and resiliency as
well as stress management. She has a personal and professional interest on the
impact of childhood adversities and toxic stress on mental, physical and
spiritual health.

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