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See the Hate Know the Hope by Eddie N. Young, Jr.

See the Hate Know the Hope

Witness the Slave Connection

by Eddie N. Young, Jr.

Pages: 220

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545679197

Price : $15.49

Television, radio, and multiple sources of social media are competing to disseminate the news these days.  The shocking result is likely to be the numbness that comes about due to the frequency of reported crimes involving hatred and violence.  On the European side of the globe there is a group rallying behind a slogan, “Make Germany Hate Again.”  Inside the American borders there are groups who perpetrate violence through domestic terrorism and mass shootings.  See the Hate Know the Hope: [Witness the Slave Connection], was written to challenge the hearts of many who would consciously consider the consequences of ignoring the great commandment from God for each of us to love our neighbor as ourselves.  
•     Do you believe that every single ethnic group descended from Adam and Eve?
•     Have you determined with certainty that you believe and trust the Holy Scriptures?
•     Do you espouse any resentment of anyone based on racial association? 
•     Do you attempt to create an image of Jesus outside His divine attributes?  
If we trust the written Word of God and relate it to history in our current times, our minds will be confronted with continual conflict that seems to stem from racial hatred.  The Jews were enslaved for over four hundred years in Egypt.  Slavery once divided our own nation.  Do we believe that life on this earth should be geared toward survival of the fittest, and have we determined that any particular ethnic group or groups do not hold equal human value as others? 

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Eddie N. Young, Jr., M.Th., D.R.S., is a retired Army veteran and retired federal employee totaling more than thirty-eight years.  As an ordained man, licensed to the Gospel ministry, he has devoted most of his adult life preparing to do the work that he feels called to by God.  He teaches in the local church and avails himself to counseling others whose lives might be getting off track.  Dr. Young firmly believes that his rewards for his work and Christian ministry will come at the return of Christ, when he will be welcomed into glory and given his crowns.  

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