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The Treasures of Darkness by Edwin L. Carpenter

The Treasures of Darkness

by Edwin L. Carpenter

Pages: 194

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781545679708

Price : $14.99

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Setbacks, ill-timed unpleasant surprises, and hardship are common to all of us.  Sooner or later you will face a dark place, a place that may include grief, great disappointment, or a crushed dream. It may feel like night-time, even when it’s day. It may seem that the dark place will never give way to morning. You may wonder if the sun will ever shine again in your life. What do you do?
In The Treasures of Darkness - Edwin L. Carpenter, a long-time minister, pastor and writer, shares how you can keep the right perspective and learn to patiently wait, realizing that good will come out of the dark place in which you have been forced to walk. In this book you will learn to…
• Remain firm in your faith that God has a plan and is working things out
•Remind yourself that treasure is buried in dark places but is worth waiting for
•Watch for the changes as the dark place is eventually lit up with light
•Remind yourself of past dark places which led to better things
This inspiring and life-changing book features several Biblical and modern examples of people who faced dark places in their lives, only to trust God and to eventually discover treasures in their darkness.

Author Photo

Edwin L. Carpenter graduated from Cornerstone College in Grand Rapids and has been the Editor and a film reviewer for for nearly 14 years, promoting family and faith-based films. He has written several magazine and newspaper articles for various publications. He has pastored churches in Greenville, Wayland, Reed City, and currently pastors Whitneyville Fellowship Church in Ada. A movie buff who loves both older and contemporary films, he grew up in Brighton, Michigan but currently resides with his lovely wife Jackie in Grand Rapids.

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