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IT IS WRITTEN by Prof. George Roman


Permanent Message

by Prof. George Roman

Pages: 476

Dimensions: 8.25 x 11

  • RELIGION - Biblical Studies - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781606475188

Price : $27.99

A unique message in the history of the Christianity, designed for our generation - The Fig Tree Generation. For the first time are discerned and detailed:
- A vast - near 3000 years historic trail of the fingerprints and the footsteps of Satan, his children - finally, identified and fully discerned; along with his masterminded/crafted pets - the Beast and the Harlot!
- What truly happened in the Garden of Eden? "The mystery kept secret from the foundation of the world", finally discerned and explained.
- The most astonishing "identity theft" and the biggest lie perpetrated throughout the entire history of humankind - explaining the statements of our Lord in Rev.2/9, 3/9.
- Satan coming as false Messiah before our Lord Jesus Christ.
- The great apostasy, the tribulations and the chronology of events.
- How to come out from the great apostasy - a must to be known.
- How from today's churches deeply divided, will come out one Church "without spot or wrinkle."
- A trilling and fascinating adventure into The Holy Scripture, from where most of the mysteries and the unknown are unveiled and explained! A sure guide to eternity.
By Prof. George Roman

The author is born and educated in Romania, under the communist regime. As political dissident; after 24 days of adventure passing illegally 3 borders; finally, with political asylum from Austria emigrated in USA in 1982. Since that time driven by the invisible will of God, has dedicated over 20 years only in studying The Holy Scripture, Islam and Judaism along with many books and information on economic, financial and religious domains.

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