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STUFF HAPPENS by David A. DeLuca


But Hope Comes Through

by David A. DeLuca

Pages: 86

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781624194177

Price : $12.49

Why This Book Can Help Us
Let me see if I can guess where you are. You certainly know that “stuff happens” and you’re looking for some help with how you can deal with it. Maybe you’ve struggled with finding any role models. Maybe you looked at the subtitle and are curious about what those ten most stressful situations might be.
 Maybe you’ve faced some tough decisions based on a sagging economy. Perhaps you’ve been involved in an unwelcome divorce and are trying to cope with it. It’s possible that you are dealing with the loss of a loved one, a job, a physical injury or just the general uncertainty of life.
In any case, you picked up this book for some help dealing with stress. So let me share with you a couple premises upon which this book is based. First of all, I make the assumption that not everyone can change his or her circumstances, nor that a change may even be advisable. Secondly, I make the assumption that in many cases people are dealing with one or more types of these stresses at the same time. This book is meant to help ease those frustrations and begin to see how they can in fact become blessings in disguise.
With this as an introduction, counselor and pastor-teacher Dave DeLuca moves on to help us look at ten common situations which need to be dealt with(we may face that bring stress). We look at the similarity of the tactics which were employed to frustrate others in the past and then draw principles that we can relate to the questions each of us face in our everyday lives. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll look at the situations we are going to face in the future. He deals with everything from “how to handle ridicule” (bullying) to “how to hear falsehoods about you and keep your cool” to “how to keep going though you’d rather quit.” He looks at the various role models we have and used to have, and helps us identify practical ways of dealing with each of the issues based on the life and lives of those who are our ultimate examples. In the process he carefully draws our attention to the one primary example and great physician for all of us to find real healing and peace.

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