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My Heart in Time by Donna Wilkinson Maxwell

My Heart in Time

Living proof of God’s continual Grace through life’s challenges

by Donna Wilkinson Maxwell

Pages: 36

Dimensions: 6.69 x 9.61

  • RELIGION - Inspirational
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Devotional

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781628399738

Price : $10.99

My Heart in Time depicts real life experiences. I am sharing them with you because you may be going through similar situations. With hope and faith in God we can conquer and overcome any obstacle. The book starts and ends with a poem regarding time. As time goes on there are many experiences to feel, capture and share. These poems were written from my heart with open and honest expression and are not meant to shock you. There are questions in life and we continue to search for answers. Things happen that are totally unplanned and unimaginable; just know that there is an answer, there is hope: my desire for you is that you will find the answer, “in time.”
I was introduced to poetry at a very early age, by my 2nd grade teacher. Her interpretation was impressive. She would read with such flare and eloquence, the words would literally come alive right off the pages. I was forever hooked.
I would occasionally write poems but it was during my mom’s final days that I really began to express myself. After mom passed, the poetry ceased…my heart ached way too much for any kind of expression…I was numb. About six months later I began to feel again, my heart began to stir, it began to heal. I found my voice. So with pen and paper in hand I expressed all that was dear to me. No lies, flowery words and empty nothings. I wanted to express how I really felt, deep down inside. I needed an outlet, to talk without anyone even listening…people get tired of hearing the same story over and over again. Writing gave me a voice and a platform.

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