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Proverbs of a Father by Harvey Nerness

Proverbs of a Father

For My Children in Quest of Wisdom and Understanding

by Harvey Nerness

Pages: 118

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • SELF-HELP - Personal Growth - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781629527048

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So how is this day going for you? Have you been a blessing to those you have encountered? If today were your last day, what would their thoughts be about you? 
If this were really your last day, have you accomplished what God wanted for you to do as your purpose in life? God’s purpose(s) for you in life are not always shown to you at the age of thirteen or even eighteen. They may change as we age and mature in Him. God’s purpose(s) for you do not have to be the same all of your life.
My children, as you read each one of these proverbs, please consider whether your life aligns with the purposes that God has for you. Since the two great commandments are to love God and love others as ourselves, it would seem that each purpose must first line up with these commandments. Lastly, remember that being a father, mother or spouse is a purpose in life.

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Harvey Nerness, a believer in Jesus Christ as his savior, is now seventy years of age (three score and ten). His responsibility to love others as himself is brought to his attention more and more each day, especially at this age. He is greatly concerned that his thoughts are not always loving to others. But he is not overwhelmed or hopeless because the greatness of God through His Word has always given him strength to overcome and be a blessing to others. He believes that when he loves others that he is also fulfilling the first and greatest commandment: to love God (Matthew 25:40).

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