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Mommy and Me by Sharronda Johnson Brown and Demetria Johnson

Mommy and Me

Separate but similar A True Story

by Sharronda Johnson Brown and Demetria Johnson

Pages: 46

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Conflict Resolution
  • FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS - Life Stages - School Age

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781630503147

Price : $9.99

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Mommy and Me, was written by my daughter and I.  It was divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit. Our mission, is to educate, empower, equip, and teach mothers, fathers, guardians, mentors etc. In today’s society, on how to effectively communicate, with their son’s and daughter’s. “Communication,” is vital, in this hour, it’s a lifeline. We’re losing so many of our young people, to so much, especially “bullying,” and “suicide.” We believe, part of the reason is, they feel all alone, and no one understands them. As parents, we must strive to remain relatable.  There are so many parent/children relations, that are deficient in this area. Some of us, weren’t taught, how to communicate effectively, work through our emotions, or express ourselves. Many of us, come from cycles of dysfunction, hostile environments, or homes, where communication, just didn’t exist. This book, will teach you, how to build bridges, reconstruct, renew, and revive your relationships. It will also enlighten you, on being the first in your family, to break family patterns, and to change the course, of what once was. Reading this book, will be the start of a new chapter, in your life, as well as your family. May God Bless You!

Sharronda Johnson Brown and Demetria Johnson, are mother and daughter.  The both of them are Humanitarians, Mothers/Leaders in their homes, and communities.  Sharronda has been a Wife for a little over 15 years, Mother for over 22 years, Glam-ma, Minister of the Gospel, Global Evangelist, Mentor, and Entrepreneur.  Demetria share the same calling. Currently, she’s a Millennial in training.  The both of them, are world travelers, with an assignment, and mandate by God, to reconstruct, redefine, and restore families.  There’s a Grace that rest on their lives, to destroy barriers, heal, deliver, and set free, all of humanity, and all mankind.                                                     

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