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I GOTCHA by Vester Rivera (aka) Chalice


The journey to find my Father

by Vester Rivera (aka) Chalice

Pages: 122

Dimensions: 5.25 x 8


Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781630503857

Price : $12.49

We live in cultures around the world that more and more are removing God, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit out of the everyday consciousness of people. We end up going through life with its ups and downs thinking it’s this ever-ending cycle of coincidences and situations. Our creator God, made each of us, unique as our fingerprints. But if you never stop to knock, ask or seek about the uniqueness around you and in you and where it originates from, then you’ll live a life as one event after another until you die. Never knowing and living the purposeful life you were alone created for. The following is an compilation of one man’s journey and the events in a life that bought him to the point that it doesn’t matter if you know God or not, He’s Gotcha.

Vester L. Rivera Sr. born in Harlem Hospital in Manhattan. Can’t get any more native New Yorker than that. The only child of Frances Rivera, a teenage mother with issues of her own that kept her from taking care of her son until he was 15 when he moved to Eatontown, New Jersey to live with her. Vester went to Monmouth Regional HS, graduated and married at 17, divorced at 36. Vester was incarcerated in 1979 and spent 48 months in the New Jersey penal system. The most consistent thing throughout the course of his life was his exposure to someone’s version about God. Baptist, Roman Catholic, 5 Per-Center, Islam, Jehovah Witness and finally Non-denominational Christianity. Vester publicly gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1992 at the Christian Life Center in Brooklyn, New York. Vester has been with his second wife for the past 28 years. There are 3 remaining children from the two marriages and about 16 grandchildren at last count. After 32 years of service he retired from the NYC Department of Education and keeps busy in service to his church and other community related activities.
This Brooklyn boy has traveled the globe but makes Valley Stream, NY his home where he now writes and is looking to become an entrepreneur. His most important accomplishments will be his continued work in the building up of men and sharing his relationship with Jesus and to finish his life values of Obedience, Faith, Family, Legacy and Authenticity.

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