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Pages: 496

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  • RELIGION - Christian Life - General
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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781630504403

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Why does one person get healed and restored completely while another individual may die? Life is a paradox it seems. One individual might lose a child in a tragic accident like a dear friend did many years ago, while another family ‘s young child is healed from a dreadful disease. Jewels Harris shares in this book about her own personal issues and stories along these lines. We may never fully understand these kind of questions this side of heaven, but we can find God in the midst of our challenges if we choose to look for Him.We have all experienced disappointments, loss, and a measure of grief in our lives. As you read about this woman’s divine encounters and testimonies, you will be encouraged and blessed.
Do you believe in the power of prayer to change things? As you read about this woman’s journey of faith and see how she struggled to overcome certain issues in her life or challenges with a family member’s illness, you will gain some valuable insight to share with others and learn how to believe for your healing as she did. As you read about the powerful testimonies and the amazing interviews with a few people she met in other countries, you will certainly be inspired to believe for your own miracle.

The author and her husband, along with golden retriever dog named Zoey, live in a rural setting in the Northwest. She loves spending time with her family and friends in the outdoors. When she’s not writing or hiking then she”s going out to coffee with either her grown daughters or her son’s.
Jewels Harris is a graduate of Washington State University. She loves to travel to other countries where she has shared with University students who live in Kampala, Uganda. She is a co-founder of the three o’clock Pray for the County blog. Jewels has taken this grassroots movement into the streets of her city and is presently working on a handbook about this endeavor.

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