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Be a Man by Levi Harris

Be a Man

by Levi Harris

Pages: 148

Dimensions: 5 x 7

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Love & Marriage
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Parenting

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781630509156

Price : $14.49

How does a boy get from boyhood to manhood? It is my belief that it is not something that automatically happens upon reaching a certain age. It is not making a certain amount of money. And it is not having sex with a certain number of women.
Our job does not make us a man. Where we live does not make us a man. The clothes we wear or the vehicle we drive does not make us a man. So, how does a boy get from boyhood to manhood?
It is impossible to get someplace without first knowing where you are going, and knowing how to get there. God’s Word is the map we need to follow to go from boyhood to manhood. God’s Word is not only the map, but also has the instructions on how to follow the map.
This book is about following God’s instructions.

Levi Harris is a devoted husband, dedicated father, and committed Christian. When he noticed the problems in the home the community and the church, he was moved to act. He realized the common denominator: the one thing that can effect change for the better, is men. Therefore, inspired by God, he wrote “Be a Man” to witness to and encourage men. In it he addresses how to be a Godly man. He talks about how men are ordained by God to be leaders. This book is part of his ministry, and he prays those who read it will be blessed.

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