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  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
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David W. Robbins is a specially gifted Bible teacher. Addressing many congregations his teachings of Biblical truth have crossed denominational lines bringing many the joy and comfort that only the Holy Scriptures can afford. David is an interdenominational teacher and preacher of Faith, Grace and Freedom, according to the Scriptures. His passion is to serve our Lord Jesus Christ by helping those who are “going on with God” to deepen not only their knowledge of God but also their experience with Him as well. With unreserved boldness David brings the illuminating mysteries of the Sacred Scriptures to light so that all who dare to believe can be the beneficiaries of the Love and Power of Jesus Christ. For more than three decades he has engaged in intense Bible study to bring to the Body of Christ the Life they were meant to live by helping them with the “how” of Christian living. As David has often been heard saying; “All things are possible, to them that believe”.
This book is a modest attempt to help those who are “going on with God”. Nothing here is new except in the sense that it is a product of discovery from my own personal journey aided by the Holy Spirit into the Spiritual realities of a Life in Christ Jesus. Believers before me have gone much farther into the Holy Mysteries of the Sacred Scriptures than I have done, but my fire is none the less real and there may be those who can ignite their lives by its flame.
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