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Why did God save Me? by Dr. Simone M. Duplessis, Th.D.

Why did God save Me?

Proof of my Spiritual DNA

by Dr. Simone M. Duplessis, Th.D.

Pages: 86

Dimensions: 6 x 9

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ISBN : 9781631294211

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I am struggling to understand, why an all knowing, all loving, and all powerful God would allow this manner of suffering to come upon his people. If you’ve survived one of the following moral evils which are done by humanity and natural disasters; Hurricane, Flood, 911 Attack, Tsunami, Wildfire, Earth Quake, Tornado, Blizzard, Snow Storm, Cold/Heat wave, Volcano, Drought, Chronic illnesses, Sarcoma/Cancer, Pestilences, Plaques and last Coronavirus Covid-19, and wondering why God saved you, he saved you for a reason, your mission, and his purpose.
Why did it take Covid-19 to stopped the world from turning, it stopped trains on its tracks, it stopped planes from flying in the air, and it stopped travelers from traveling, and stopped ships out at sea. Those that were employed immediately became unemployed, it was reported by CNN, Johns Hopkins University and Medical within a week, about 3.3 million people had applied for unemployment and at this time there were other states unaware of the rapid growth with unemployment, not knowing it was just a couple more days, and the high unemployment rate would be in each state of the US along with the Covid-19 virus.

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Dr. Simone M. Duplessis, Th.D., is the founding pastor of Ecclesia of Christ Fellowship Center, La. (2013), also retired as a disabled veteran, USAF-LANG, 20 yrs. (2014). One son, James T. Bridges, Jr.
She’s a Prof., Boutte Comm. Bible College (2020), Asso. in Occupational Studies in Bus. Admin, Philip Jr. College of Gulfport, Miss. and La. (1985-President’s List), Asso. in Applied Sci. Edu. & Trng Mgmt., Community College AF (2009), a Bachelor of Christian Edu., UBC&TS (1999), a Master of Theology, UBC&TS (2017), a Doctorate in Theology, Slidell Baptist Seminary (2019-Cum Laude), and pending a Psy. Degree, GCU (2019).

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