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Fishing with the Master by Captain Roy Lawson

Fishing with the Master

Secrets of the Master Revealed

by Captain Roy Lawson

Pages: 154

Dimensions: 6 x 9


Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631296819

Price : $20.49

About the Author
About the Author: Capt. Roy Lawson
In his book, “Fishing with the Master”, Capt. Roy revealed his secrets of his trade and his extreme passions for the sport that had garnered him 41 World Fishing Game Records at a very young age. In it, he narrated his great adventure and challenging experiences that he and his fishing buddies who charted his boat went through and accomplished. His courage and tenacity as a sport fisherman had brought so much joy to his fellow fisherman and not only that, but had inspired and challenged his them to fish themselves to excellence and earned for themselves fishing world record with his help. He showed in this book how to catch some of those elusive great fish, step by step. He was very modest of his achievements and that his world records were not that important to him as well as his appearance in some international magazines and having television shows himself. What he was proud of was sharing his passion for fishing with others and sharing his secrets as well. It was this passion that drove him to write this book! He was always heard: What is better than fishing? and could be heard hollering: EEEEEHAAA! Let’s go fishing!

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