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Getting Your Ducks in a Row by Paddy Burrow Elkins

Getting Your Ducks in a Row

How to Live Life in General

by Paddy Burrow Elkins

Pages: 112

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • FICTION - General
  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Inspiration & Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631297250

Price : $13.49

GETTING YOUR DUCKS IN A ROW is a simple tale of Flo McFeathers and her four ducklings, Deano, Dora, Digby, and Daphne as they enjoy life together on the duck pond in General, Washington – a type of Anytown, U.S.A. With the help of Herb E. Schwartz, Flo’s confidante, mentor, and friend, Flo learns some valuable life lessons about duck rearing, surviving hunting season, and about living life in general. She records her discoveries on “Webpages” – a journal she later leaves as a legacy for her brood. Simple, timeless, written for all ages, the story celebrates life in general, and is meant to inspire and uplift the reader with insights that can last a lifetime.
Whether you are –
An Architect
A Baby sitter
A Cab driver
A Disc-Jockey
An Engineer
A Farmer
A Groundskeeper
A Homemaker
An International Banker
A Jack or Jill of all trades
A Karate instructor
A Limousine driver
A Minister
A Night-club owner
An Off-shore investor
A Peace Corps worker
A Quilter
A Rabbi
A Stunt-car driver
A Tent-maker
An Undercover agent
A Vacuum cleaner repair person
A Woodworker
A Xylophone player
A Yacht designer, or
A Zookeeper
–this book will help you
move from chaos to serenity
in your life. Buy it. Read it.
Share it with a friend.

Author Photo

Paddy Burrow Elkins was born in November of 1949 in Nyack, New York – the oldest of Jack and Marie Quinlan’s brood of nine!

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