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The Storms of Life by Nancy Ponder Eggimann

The Storms of Life

Nancy's Story

by Nancy Ponder Eggimann

Pages: 108

Dimensions: 8 x 8

  • RELIGION - Christian Living - Personal Memoirs
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Inspirational

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781631298172

Price : $15.99

This book is about Nancy and her journey through suffering. After having a stroke, she felt that the Lord wanted her to write a book about God’s faithfulness through her life, hopefully to help others who are suffering. The book is not typical because Nancy tells her story with photos too. She loves to do digital photo books.
There are many kinds of storms in life. Nancy’s father died when she was six years old. That was the beginning of her journey through suffering. Later she learned that she had severe scoliosis, which caused a deformity that she had to live with. Even later in her life, the doctor told her that her spine was deteriorating and she would become bedridden. He did not tell Nancy that she could die because the collapse of the spine affects the lungs. She would lose the ability to breathe.
Despite her physical problems. Nancy loved to travel, which led to quite a few adventures. God was always faithful to take care of Nancy to matter where she was in the world. He ha

Nancy Ponder Eggimann remained single until she got married at 57 to a wonderful man who is a pastor in Connecticut. She moved from the South to the North when they married. Traveling helped Nancy to make this adjustment.
They live in a small town where you drive by cows to reach the center of town. Nancy likes that and the peacefulness of where they live. She came from a city that is big as Hartford, perhaps even bigger now.
Nancy and her husband live with one pet, their feline, Punkin, who is sweet and gentle. Her photo is in the book. Please read the book to discover more details about Nancy and the different kind of life she led.
She is grateful for the salvation she found in Christ when she was fourteen. He has made a huge difference in her life. All praise to Him!

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