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Calvinism & Me Like Oil & Water by Richard T. Anzalone

Calvinism & Me Like Oil & Water

by Richard T. Anzalone

Pages: 186

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christianity - Calvinist
  • RELIGION - Christian Theology - General
  • RELIGION - Christianity - Denominations

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781632217738

Price : $15.99

The author presents his eye-opening book of spiritual and theological insight by exploring Calvinism through an objective lens of biblical truth directly from God’s word. By investigating Calvinist teaching and the affects of this belief system, he directs readers back to the word of God as the ultimate fact check for the truth. Thus, readers are informed of the reality of Calvinism while encouraging believers to always question any church or denominational teachings that may not align with God’s word.
The introduction effectively and informatively clearly communicates to the reader the content, and message of the book, as well as the vital significance of understanding Calvinism and all this belief system entails. The author also clarifies the benefit the reader will gain from reading his book. From the very beginning of the book the author establishes a great overall development of personal background and experience, showing how he became intrigued by the subject of Calvinism and how his understanding of Calvinism developed over time. The author’s argument is structured, logical, and well organized enhancing the reader’s ability to understand and retain. To support the author’s arguments, a strong variety of sources provide powerful perspectives from theologians, writers, and thinkers. These sources provide a deeper level of understanding as well as paint a complete picture of Calvinism.

Born in 1941, Rich, a well rooted Christian early in life, loved music and received a scholarship in music followed by record dates and four years “on the road.” Then, back to the east coast, he met the love of his life Ruth, and married in 1966. Rich established an accounting practice for 18 years, after which he became a home builder for 21 years. He served as an elder and youth pastor, conducted and taught studies of several cults and religions, served for years in the praise band. Rich’s twenty plus years of firsthand experience and study of Calvinism became his passion.

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