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Intimate Interaction in Awareness of the Presence of God

by Kent Staples

Pages: 338

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - General
  • SELF-HELP - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662811845

Price : $19.99

How can we find God—our Father and Creator? Like the elephant in the room, is God always present with us as stated in Psalm 139? Does God’s Word indicate we can connect to Him? Is it possible, even expected, for us to hear His voice? Can we be led by Him, even linking moment to moment?
Testimony and truth from Scripture bring the evidence Kent experienced in pursuit of making this a disciplined lifestyle, moving from possibility to desire, and on to a steady nature of experiencing God’s mercy and comfort—His insight and leading.
Motivation to attach one interaction with our loving Father to the next comes from knowing the hundreds of names and descriptions divulged throughout the Bible, many of which are collected in this book. Attraction to our Almighty, Omniscient, Omnipresent Creator then becomes overwhelming.
The strength, passion, and practical steps from God’s Word are laid out in order and vividly in well-explained terms for the seeking reader, with many of the questions you ask about God and interaction with Him being answered.
When asked to whom the book was written, Kent responded, “To my sons. I’m talking to each of my four boys, carefully and deliberately framing the thoughts for them to be drawn to Father God. The hope is that they will consistently walk in the nature He designed for us—to remain in relationship with Him.” It’s from a father desiring to leave a legacy, aiming his children to develop the nature of continual closeness in awareness of God’s constant presence.
WHY would you be looking at this if you weren’t hungering to HEAR FROM GOD?
The answers and motivation are in here.

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Author Kent Staples asks, “Can we seriously hear from Creator God?” For two decades, this observant educator, who is seasoned in ministry development, noted the walls we find interacting with Father God. His search focuses on answers from God’s Word and on listening for His Spirit to reveal keys to remain intimate with the One who has a forever love for us.
Reverend Staples received his Masters from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. He is a teacher growing in discerning, interested in receiving God’s blessing and passing it on to others. Kent has chronicled personal interactions with God’s Spirit and clear Bible instruction on disciplining ourselves to remain connected to Jehovah Shammah God living in us.

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