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Tithing: God's Proven Resource by Rev. Dr. Anthony F. Cleare

Tithing: God's Proven Resource

by Rev. Dr. Anthony F. Cleare

Pages: 114

Dimensions: 6 x 9

  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Stewardship & Giving
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Spiritual Growth
  • RELIGION - Christian Life - Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662815294

Price : $12.49

This book will be available to purchase on
June 08, 2021.

The book is about tithing- Its blessings and cursings.
Tithing: God’s Proven Resource is a compelling book which tackles the subject of tithing and how readers
can see their financial and spiritual lives transformed when they honor this biblical principle. The author
writes with boldness about a crucial topic to the Christian walk, showing readers the importance of tithing
and that we are robbing God if we do not tithe. He includes many Scripture references for readers to reflect
on, showing what the Word says about the subject. • The author emphasizes that the tithe is ten percent of
our gross income, rather than our net income. This is an important point to make as some readers may not
realize this as they come into the book. After clearly defining what the tithe is, then readers can grow in
knowledge from there. The author talks at length about the blessings and curses involved in tithing and not
tithing respectively. Finally, the author includes examples from history of individuals who tithed and were
blessed with prosperity, such as William Colgate, John P. Rockefeller, Sr., and Henry P. Powell. This will be
inspiring to readers to know that these well-known figures tithed and how God used their giving to help

My name is
Rev Dr Anthony Cleare and I was born in Nassau, The Bahamas. My hobbies
are cycling, weightlifting and basketball and reading.
I believe I was inspired by the Lord to write this book as an evangelism
tool to prevent souls from going to hell. Robbers of God’s tithes go to
hell! Hell is a place of intense fire and torment, unquenchable thirst,
gross darkness, and most regrettably eternal separation from God. I do
not want to see my worst enemy go there.

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