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Travel light by Dr. Tina Mutombo

Travel light

Exploring three major strategies (influence, creativity, and networking) that can help lay aside negative "weights" that hinder people's life journeys.

by Dr. Tina Mutombo

Pages: 84

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Inspiration & Personal Growth

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662823992

Price : $12.49

The journey of life can be so hectic. However, Travel Light is an effective way to ease the stress of travelling. This book has unveiled three major strategic points (influence, creativity, and networking) that helps a person to continue travelling light despite seen or unforeseen interruptions. Moreover, the author likens the human soul as “luggage” and the “personal items” in the luggage are liken to human problems or personal issues. These conflict issues ( heavy items) that negatively weigh the soul (luggage) down makes a person drag through his or her journey of life rather than travelling light. Therefore, this informs that travel light is a good thing. There are so many advantages spiritually or physically to travelling light. For example, it makes a person’s life and travel experience much more enjoyable: letting off the pressure, lose the negative weights, saving money, plenty of vitality, and losing the burden. It is good to remember also it is not just about the journey you embark on in life but the person you become.

Author Photo

Dr. Tina Mutombo is the president of Wisdom for Life Ltd, a dynamic writing ministry and company. Dr. Tina has a passion to impact the people of the world with divine energy that is transmitted through the art of writing. Her passion for healthcare arose from her unquestionable desire to improve the dignity of people by holistically helping them to perform on their optimum levels of physical and mental health, despite overbearing social, environmental, financial and physical challenges. Travel light was written to encourage the reader to reduce anxiety, stress, and depression rates and promote positive mental attitude. To find out more about Dr. Tina, visit her website

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