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COME! by Rita Arrington


Follow Me.

by Rita Arrington

Pages: 396

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

  • BODY, MIND & SPIRIT - Inspiration & Personal Growth
  • BIBLES - Christian Standard Bible - Journaling
  • DRAMA - American - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662826474

Price : $65.99

Mrs. Rita Arrington (aka) Momma Rita, has once again, intrigued us with her own unorthodox style of writing. She mesmerizes us with a great read with her unadulterated way of sharing truth about her life, love, faith, and dreams. She tells how she was transformed from a “Snake to a Saint” with the help and love from, Almighty God, of whom she calls, Father.
I love how she genuinely with immense passion for others, leaves space in her book for us to expound on, allowing us to play a part in her writing. It’s fascinating also, how she, with such joy shares her many encounters with God, and the many ways of travels He has taking her through her journey of life.
She describes in such details, the many avenues, she had to go down to get to the promise land of which she now lives.
I tell you, as soon as one open her book, from page one, you will experience the ride of your life. You’ll find yourself either on a treasure hunt, roller coaster, road trip, merging from pit falls, rest areas, sharp curves, unexpected turns, and from the valley to the mountain top. One never knows in what direction you will find yourself with her.
I love too, how, if one were to hold up two books, (One being the “Holy Bible”) “Which most don’t like to read” and the other one (Momma Rita’s book) “Which most would choose to read” would be totally surprised to find they are reading the bible right on, because all her writings are base on true stories, and are full of God’s, word, promises, and handiwork. She explains how God, told her to open her mouth, and tell folks what He has done for her, and that He will back her up with His written word and promises, which is why she gives us homework assignment throughout her book, with and from the “WORD, and BREAD” (Jesus) so we can see, hear, and know Him for ourselves.
So, whether we choose to read the bible or not, you’ll soon find out, when you’re reading her book, that she is going to be “right, real, and raw, with us, because that’s how God is with her, and she’s that way with herself, and she will be that same way with others, as well as expecting others to be that way with her”.
Mrs. Rita Arrington is now in the process of writing her fourth book, that she stated the name God gave her to call it is. “There were no secrets” not sure of the subtitle as of now. However, I am sure it will be as intriguing as all her previous books with all its imperfections, errors, mistakes, and otherwise, (as she like it to be known ) “she said, her Father, will cover all her imperfections with His perfection”.
Many has reported, how they love her unorthodox style for its authenticity, which has led many to Christ. Amen.

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