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Next by Tom Brennan


A Manual for Pastoral Transitions

by Tom Brennan

Pages: 210

Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5

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Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662834370

Price : $16.49

Life is a series of transitions. From child, to teen, to adult. From newlywed, to parent, to grandparent. From apprentice, to laborer, to retirement. In these scenarios, knowing the inevitability of change we make preparation. The ministry should be no different. Should the return of Christ tarry, every church will ultimately have a different pastor than the one who now leads the flock. Some of those changes will occur because of calling, some because of health, some because of death, and others will change because of sin. Regardless of the cause behind the change, every church and pastor should prepare for that day. Next: A Manual for Pastoral Transitions is an invaluable resource for making those preparations. Written by a man who has experienced such transitions as a child in the home of a pastor, as well as being in the position of pastor himself, this book is filled with practical and helpful insights for navigating the troubling waters of change. With chapters for the departing pastor, the pastoral candidate, the successor in waiting, and the pulpit committee, this book helps provide a roadmap through every facet of transition. While you may not agree with every opinion expressed by the author, there is more than enough practical advice to make this book an essential part of every preacher’s library and a valuable tool for every deacon board and pulpit committee.
— Craig Burcham, Chairman of the Bible Department
Golden State Baptist College, Santa Clara, California

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