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One Family Under God by Ken Nellis

One Family Under God

The Great New Year's Coup

by Ken Nellis

Pages: 342

Dimensions: 5 x 8

  • FICTION - Christian - Futuristic
  • FICTION - Christian - General
  • FICTION - Family Life - General

Type : Paperback

ISBN : 9781662844775

Price : $19.99

Imagine, if you will, a conspiracy to take over the United States government. However, this was no ordinary plot. The date was set, January first, right after dropping the crystal ball in Times Square. The Wilson family, from Manhattan, Kansas, of all places, inadvertently found themselves in the middle of the action early on, disrupting plans. The Cabal wrongly believed that they had received intel about the coup and needed to be eliminated. Attempt after attempt to permanently silence the family failed because of God’s deliverance through prayer.
Because of their success, conservative President Curtis Bosco took an interest in the Wilsons. They were protected by acts of God, including a severe windstorm, freak hailstorm, sudden blizzard, and surrounded by a sixty-mile circle of balmy summer in the midst of one of the coldest, iciest Decembers ever. He befriended them and used their estate as the “Midwestern White House” as it got closer to the New Year.
Ironically, involving the Wilson family in their plan, God set in motion the means to counter every move the Cabal made. Otherwise, the coup may have worked. President Bosco and Vice President Van Hauten would have died from poisoning. The bizarre H0N0 virus would have incapacitated conservative members of Congress and Senators. And the line of succession would have fallen on an unexpected individual. Instead, it was the greatest New Year’s celebration ever, thanks to the planning of the First and Second Lady, the Wilsons’ contribution to the victory over the coup, and those still loyal to the President.

Author Photo

Ken Nellis is a professionally trained researcher and author of, One Family Under God: The Final Revival, and now One Family Under God: The Great New Year’s Coup. He is keenly aware of the present political landscape and the many “What ifs” that could be born out of it. Ken hopes to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Providence of God to each reader.
Brought up in the great white north of Minnesota, Ken is an avid baseball fan and even tried out for the Minnesota Twins at one point. He pines for the snow and cold days of yesteryear. He is a widower and currently lives in the warmer St. Louis area with two daughters and a grandson.

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